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weezer and the Foo Fighters: Phoenix AZ show!!

*whew* this is getting tiring.

Anyhow, I want to annouce to you all that I have a spare ticket to see Weezer/Foo Fighters (foozer) in Phoenix AZ! It's going to be at the American West Arena in Phoenix AZ, September 28th at 7:30pm!
I'm looking for possibly a new friend to join me there to rock out! I'm really shy so trying to meet anyone in person is almost impossible it seems. I've been dying for a few years now to see the Weez in concert and I've finally got the chance! Please don't let this ticket go to waste! Besides you'll have fun! It's WEEZER!! lol

Just leave a comment if you're interested and I'll be sure to contact you further!

Thank you! Can't wait to meet you!
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